pleasures that i miss out

19 Oct

london 1.22pm 14C sunny saturday 2019

i went earlier this morning to the italian exhibition , it was showcasing italian goods, from what i see, wine, cheese, olive oil.

i ws given some olive oil to taste, and even though they tell me it was special, i could not tell the difference. in fact they had no smell or distinctive taste. i would blame myself, for not being able to detect the difference.

later i stood near a stall, and the owner asked me if i want to taste the olive oil, and i said, i am afraid it is all wasted on me. i just had an experience with another stall, and they showed me their different vintage and i could not tell the difference. he asked me to smell one which was harvested recently and another which was 1 yr old, and i immediately said i can smell that , and it is exactly what i like about olive oil. the recently pressed one was cloudy, whereas the 1yr old one was more like what we think of as olive oil, it is clear, yellowish, and smells like the real thing. so it looks like i would like a year old olive oil, and forget about all the others. 

added. home 2.44pm i had a look at the olive oil we have at home. it is extra virgin olive oil, product of spain, by sainsburys. it says store away from light, do not refrigerate, and itmight get cloudy at less than 10C. this is normal and the oil will clear on warming…so does the cloudying he showed me with the freshly produced olive oil, a natural thing or what. i certainly like the olive oil smell. so the expensive oils i tasted earlier, with no smells, seems to me a disadvantage. i like my olive oil to smell of olives. dont everyone? so why do those expensive vintage oils that were sold have their smells removed? also, how can olive oil be kept for so long? the english stall told me that olive oil has a sell by date, and he pointed that his has a sell by date of 2021. so how come those vintage oils have such long years. might their lack of smell mean they have long expired and lost all their flavour… that might explain why they are so mild. i do think olive oil is not like wine, where it tastes better the longer it is kept… or so they tell me. i think with olive oil , longer does not mean better.

this bottle of sainsburys olive oil that i got in my kitchen has no ingredient list, it is just olive oil. no other added stuff. and that is what it should be. keep it simple and sell it cheap. that is what i say. just cold press olives and no matter what olives they are, the oil should be pure olive oil and should be delicious. it expires 2020.

he was english, and i guess he knows what the english like. we like that smell of olive. maybe we are so used to cheap olive oil, which have a distinctive smell, that we associate all olive oil with it, and cant appreciate the finer smell and flavour of the more vintage and specialised ones made from named olive species. but whatever our tastes, we know it is not much point buying more expensive olive oils, because we just wont appreciate them. also i was thinking, we all never drink olive oil by itself, we always mix it with other things, either in cooking , or as a dressing, and once we add the other ingredients any slight subtle flavours in the olive oil will be swamped. so not much point buying expensive olive oils when we will never get to taste or smell it. i would say the only time when i would use olive oil by itself is on a dish of mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil. a grind of pepper and salt ; then the taste and flavour of the olive oil is quite important to the dish. 

i went round and tasted the foodstuff. there was wine, and they provide glasses for you to take around, so u can sample the wine. but i just did not bother as i know the wine will be wasted on me. i can never tell the difference in all the various types of wine. i only know red from white … and that is all. sometimes i wonder whether it is a blessing that i dont know the difference… i can never get addicted to wine. that is a blessing. but the downside is that i can never know the pleasure of drinking a good bottle of wine.

added 11.50am sunday 20.10.19 11C sunny . paddington library.

i was reading the saturday times, in the library, and came across an article that says killer bug is destroying italy’s ancient olive trees. it is so bad, that the country is having for the first time,to import tonnes of olive oil because last year its harvest fell by 60%.  the bug’s effects first made its appearance in 2013, in south italy, puglia region, where the best olive oil is it seems. the price of olive oil is not affected , due to increased production from morrocco and tunisia.


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