chicken and autumn

22 Oct

london 1.15pm 15C cloudy tuesday 2019

the trees lining the street around my flat are being trimmed now. so it is that time of year come round again. i think they get a trim about every 2-3yrs. this time they are cutting the branches before the leaves fall out. so saves the road sweepers a lot of work as they dont hve to sweep away the fallen leaves. the immediate effect of this tree trimming is to bring in the sunshine onto the flats. it is amazing how dark the shadows that the trees with their leaves make the road beneath them. and with their leaves cropped off, it just brightens everything up.

i suppose it is one sign of autumn coming. another is the huge amounts of crab apples that laden the trees near the stockwell lidl. i was there earlier today to do some shopping in lidl, and walked under those trees, and they look so good to eat. but crab apples are only good for making jelly and jam, i think. not that i have done it, but i have seen recipes of it. soon they will be littering the ground where they have fallen. no one bothers to harvest them. i am surprised the trees are not chopped down, because they do make a mess.

there was a female gingkyo tree growing in pimlico, which had been chopped down. it was one of 4 gingko trees , the other 3 were males, but this one the female with its stinky fruit really caused a huge mess, as it falls to the ground and get mashed. and it has a pungent smell too. so they finally chopped it down and replaced it with another gingko tree, presumably a male one. haha.

today i happened to pass through that area, on my way to the sainsburys, and saw a row of tables, with leaflets and posters. about mental health. and i was told about the free yoga classes that they were doing for over 50s. they were giving out free pizzas, and cupcakes. and one of those cloth shopping bags. there is a name for this kind of bags, but i forgot. in fact, one of the yoga classes is later today. i might go see what it is about, as the venue is very near me. (added. it is allready 5.35pm, and the class starts at 5.45pm, so it looks like i wont be going. too lazy. )

i got a notification that kfc is bringing back its offer of £6 for 20 chicken wings. but only till 17 nov. it normally cost £8.

but today there was raw drumsticks for £1.25 a kg. sold in lidl.  i think you can get 10  drumsticks for that , and they got more meat than chicken wings. so i dont think that kfc offer is much of a bargain… do you? in fact, i bought a pack of the drumsticks and cooked soya sauce chicken with it, and it was delicious. i threw in some cinnamon barks, and i think it does make a difference, they impart a certain flavour to it that is very nice.





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