business is good in central london

27 Oct

london 8pm 7C dry sunday 2019 GMT

today the time has reverted to GMT, which means 12noon will be the highest point the sun will be from now on.

i was out and about today, and it is a day like any day… even though the indians will be celebrating diwali. but since this is a western country, no one else will be making celebrations.

in fact, today there is a demonstration on the street for kashmir, i think it is pakistani supporters against the indian govt. but i did not see them when i was about, as the buses were avoiding them, and not running on the  streets where they march.

usually trafalgar square will be taken over by the indians, to celebrate it, but this year it is on next sunday, not this one. i suppose it is only right, as those who will celebrate it will do so at their temples or at home, and wont be coming to trafalgar square today.

i was at marble arch, coming back from the paddington library, and changing bus at marble arch, and whilst waiting for the bus to get me back,  a number 6 bus came by and it says it stops at piccadilly circus, so i took a spur of the moment decision to board it and go to the virgin lounge instead of going home.

it was very pleasant at the virgin lounge, drinking coffee and soft drinks, and eating biscuits. haha. as well as reading the papers and surfing the internet.

the streets around it were busy with tourists, with every coffee house and restaurants full of eaters, which makes me think that anyone with a business in that part of london cannot help but make a profit, with so many people in the area and all so willing to go into the shops to eat and buy.

my impression as i walked through the chinatown area, was that every business was full of customers, jammed pack with people eating at tables. and the street was filled with people too. business must be good. 

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