ecoffee cup

28 Oct

london 8.22pm 9C dry monday 2019

i found a ecoffee cup today. i googled it and find it is made of bamboo, and have a silicone top to prevent spillage, and a small hole in it to drink the coffee.

before all this, i have been using my thermos flask instead of the disposable cups and i like it because i can screw the cap on and can put it in my bag without fear of it spilling. whereas if i have a reuseable coffee cup, i have to carry it as the hole in the lid means you cannot store it in your bag.

but if i were to drink cappuccino, i would like one of these reuseable cups. but i think i wont want to  drink it through the lid, as i like the foamy milk and like it on my lips when i drink. and seeing it when i drink through the milk layer. so this reusable cup will be useful for that. i will only keep the lid on if i am taking it away to somewhere more comfortable to drink it. 

this review of it mentions it is coated with melamine, and mentions that melamine  can leach out under high temperatures… so not suitable for microwave. i did not know that, and was reminded of melamine dishes in chinese restaurants… i was tempted to buy them, once upon a time, because they are sold in chinatown and the plates and dishes are very colourful. and in fact, they are used by many hawker stalls in malaysia and singapore. but i am glad i did not buy them, nor found them in the recycling bins (as i would be tempted to keep them ) though i suppose they are safe to use provided you dont use them to warm up food in the microwave. 


anowadays it is really like everything is dangerous for us. melamine in this ecoffee cup. glass is best, but it is heavy. i find it quite a bother to carry around these bulky cups. a collapsible one would be nice to have. but i think in the end, my thermos is the best, it is a small enough size and slim so does not take up alot of room in my tote bag.

added. i went browsing on my wordpress reader in the search section, typing in ecoffee, and got this asking whether the melamine in the cup leaks out into the coffee… and also another askng how biodegradable is the bamboo, which it seems is not made from bamboo plant, but a mixture of bamboo and melamine and pressed into a cup mold. i thought they actually use the bamboo… it has natural nodes which can be used to make a cup just by chopping off the bamboo just above a node. but they dont make it that way. it looks to me that it is impossible to make everything with no carbon footprint. jsut by existing we are allready adding to the carbon footprint. we all breathe out carbon dioxide dont we? so the logical conclusion is to get rid of pollution we must get rid of humankind. and i doubt anyone , even the most avid greta wannabe will ever agree to that…and ask everyone to commit mass suicide.

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