a cherry pie and not a morello cherry pie

29 Oct

london 4.41pm 10C cloudy tuesday 2019

7.32pm 9C .cloudy.

i have come back from the tesco, and it is still only drop 1C from the first entry i put in at 4.41pm. there was no wind, that is why it feels pleasant without a chill to it.

not much bargains today, i only bought a 31p morello cherry pie. but it is a nice pie. i like it better than the rhubarb pie which is more often reduced. the morello cherry pie is better value i think when it is reduced. they originally costs the same.£1.25p. 

its interesting. when i ate a slice i did not taste the slight almond taste that you get with morello cherry. and i had another look at the label, and see it is just labelled as cherry pie. so it looks like they have changed the recipe. its still nice, though the slight almond taste makes it rather extra special. as it is, i could be eating a rhubarb pie and would not notice the difference. 


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