use a proper cup for coffee

31 Oct

london 10.56am 11C sunny thursday 2019 virgin lounge haymarket

i thought i shall use the ecoffee cup that i found. i had made a coffee at home, and then decided to go to the victoria railway station to charge my chromebook, and so i decanted it into the ecoffee cup. and took it with me to the bus . on the way i took a sip of it, through the silicone cover… and realised that i did not like the smell and taste of the coffee through the silicone. i think it is the smell of the silicone, and that affected my taste. i am sure the coffee tastes the same, but a lot of our taste sensations is influenced by what we smell at the time we are eating or drinking  it. that is why it really surprised me that no one who i read talking of the ecoffee cup and its silicone cover mentions it. 

 i am not a great coffee drinker, but even i could tell the distinct smell and by it, i feel i can taste the silicone really detracts from it. also i could not smell the coffee, not that i could smell it with my cheap instant coffee , but i drink coffee at this virgin coffee lounge and they use proper cups and saucers, and half the fun of coffee is the smell of it, isn’t it?

so how come all those avid coffee drinkers never mention that they dont like drinking from these takeaway reusable coffee cups, (and now i think of it, even the one use takeaway coffee cups are not that great, seeing they have plastic tops on through which people sip the coffee.

it seems to me that if u are a avid coffee drinker and appreciate it you would never drink coffee out of these takeaway cups and tops, for the lack of smell and the plastic taste of it. nevermind the plastic litter. i pass by starbucks and cafe nero and all the other coffee and tea places, and i see people drinkng coffee out of paper cups with the top on, even in the cafe. why? when they could insist on proper porcelain cups. it is really amazing that, and those people are supposed to like and appreciate coffee, true coffee connoisseurs. aren’t they?

so now i am in the lounge and before me is a cappuccino made from their machine. and it is lovely to be able to see the froth of it and smell it.

the first attempt i made came out funny. i notice they have a new machine . it only filled the cup half way. luckily a server came by and said something about it needing more milk. so that made me aware that the machine has run out of milk. after he filled it up, i tried it again, and this time it did serve a full cup of frothy cappuccino. and i really appreciate it as i can compare to the huge difference i noticed earlier with the ecoffee cup. 


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