diwali in trafalgar square

3 Nov

london 3.33pm 11C rain sunday 2019

i just got back from the diwali celebrations in trafalgar square. rather a nice one this year, because there were quite a number of stalls giving away free snacks. and one giving away hot chai. the hot chai was very welcomed by me. haha. 

there was another giving cooking demonstrations, with ghee, and handing out the food when itis cooked. the ghee was what they are trying to advertise, with people approaching us in the queue for the chai, asking if we want to buy ghee, at £5. the indian guy behind me in the queue told me it is very good for health, when i asked if indian people use ghee a lot in their cooking. he said yes. he did tell me that the ghee at £5 is rather expensive, usually he said it is about £3. i said perhaps it is organic. that is why. he was friendly and asked me where i am from. he himself i found out has been here about 1.5yrs, and is from chennai. formerly madras. it is in south india, and he volunteered the information that he is not vegetarian, when i mentioned that the south is very vegetarian because i see someone eating lentils and wondered where he got them, and then saw the cooking demonstration dishing them out. i said i was really surprised he is not vegetarian, as he comes from south india. but i guess not everyone conforms to the stereotype. haha. 

the snacks were bombay mix, or some other combination , and another giving away sweet yoghurt to accompany a tumeric rice and herbs. they were also giving away chutney. all in small pots, and i could not help thinking oh dear all those plastic pots to litter the environment. but then, what can you do, we all dont have our own cups to hold these things, nor our own cups for the chai. so many one- use paper cups littering the place. i have my own cup but even i can see how difficult it is going to be to get people to present their own cups for it to be filled, the queue will take even longer and slower to move. it is too bad we humans dont have a extra hand that is cup shaped haha. if we have one, it got to be heat resistant, otherwise we wont be able to hold hot drinks.

there were of course the usual paid for food stalls, quite a lot of them this year, lining both sides of trafalgar square and also all along the side road that runs along the canadian embassy building. and long queues to buy food from them. there was also a central stage , with dancers in bright costumes , with glass adornments in them, as they were sparkling and shining. i like those costumes, so cheerful and exhilarating.

its 4.37pm now and it is dark outside. the lights have come on from the flat opposite me. and the lights in the courtyard have come on too. 


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