free tea

6 Nov

london 11.07am pimlico library sunny wednesday 2019

today is tea day, or so this company , teapig, says, and so they are giving away free samples of their tea at waterloo station, so i went there and got some. then i walked across london bridge to covent garden where they are going to give away free tea drinks, but the van was not ready, i was too early, this was about 9.30am. and when they were still not ready at about 10am, i decided to give them a miss. i allready had one of their teabags, in that i took along a thermos filled with hot water, and i slipped one of their tea bags into it, and so i got my own tea made all hot and ready to drink, whilst sitting on the benches decorated with autumn leaves. 


the tea is quite nice, i got a earl gray one when i made the tea. i brought along some biscuits to eat too. but also, in waterloo station, another company was giving out pork scratchings. the curators pork puffs they call them. and they gave to everyone, as much as u want. 


its quite a nice day to be out and about so early. and now i am in the library having another cup of the tea, still very hot because of the thermos. also today i got an email from krispie kreme, saying they have not spoken to me for some time and they miss me, so they are giving me a voucher for a free doughnut. they are lovely people, haha. i shall save it for tomorrow when i shall be going to the victoria station to charge up my chromebook and i shall treat myself to a doughnut from their stall there. 

its a nice life , mine. i am one of those pensioners that dont mind not doing anything. unlike yesterday’s ben fogle’s tv program where he visits people who go to live in out of the way places where everyone is busy, busy…  he visited a 70 yr old former teacher from scotland, who went to ethiopia, and ended up staying in a remote village for 12yrs, and started a restaurant with a local, who she met when he drove her about in his taxi. now the restaurant employs about 50 local people, providing them with an income. and she is very busy and love it. the restaurant makes £1000 (a month , i think) and provides work and income to help the locals. as usual these places suffer lack of water, and electricity cuts are common, so conditions are primitive to say the least, but she seems to not mind it. haha. seeing it, i know her life is not for me that is for sure. i like my creature comforts too much, and dont fancy living in a place where the electricity can get cut off often, and water is not easy to come by. 

added. now that i have been given these tea bags, i read here that they contain plastics, but bio plastics made from plants as opposed to made from petroleum products. they claim these bio plastics are biodegradable, but it seems not in the ocean, so their effect in the ocean is like the oil based plastics, and that is bad. my friend ian, says he and his boyfriend have stopped using teabags, and are now using loose tea leaves. i myself have always used loose leaf, so i dont have to worry about plastics in teabags. ian says he is more worried about microplastics in teabags. so far i have not read any articles about microplastics in teabags. sigh, i guess microplastics are everywhere and it is now so much part of everything we do and eat, there is no getting away from it. i wonder if this fear of microplastics in teabags will destroy the tea bag industry. maybe everyone will go back to using loose tea leaves. 


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