7 Nov

london 8.33pm 6C dry thursday 2019

i had been out just now, came back at about 7.30pm.

i went to a free hamburger plus beer given away at their new venue in fitzrovia. it was very noisy in the pub. everyone seems quite ok with it. at first the noise was from people just talking, then later added to this was a dj playing music. i had to put my finger in my ear, it was so loud. perhaps it was not the music that was loud but the combination of it and people talking.

so as soon as i ate my hamburger  and drank some of the ginger beer, (there was real beer too , in cans, but i choosed the soft drink) i left.  however the ginger beer did not taste like ginger beer, it got sour soda lemon in it, which makes it rather unpleasant.

anyway i left and went to the carnaby st light switching event because it was on the way to my home . very nice looking theme, showing sea creatures, and i had a free cocktail which they were giving out.

it was busy with people, and on the bus back, i could see more crowds around soho, and on the pavements of the street along the way. amazing how many people there are in london all come out tonight.

it was not very cold, so quite pleasant to be outdoors. even though when i looked at the temperature website, it says 6C. 

 earlier , before i left the flat for this free burger, (i left at about 5pm) simon told me it was cold in the flat. i was really surprised at that, because i did not feel it. and was opening windows to let the flat have some air. i wonder why he felt cold, hope he is not coming down with the flu or something. because that is what i have noticed, if i feel cold, it means i am coming down with the flu or cold. the forecast is 2C tonight, or most likely at about 4am. and when i checked the hourly forecast, they said it will be 2C from 4am to 8am. so if the forecast is correct, it looks like a cold spell is heading our way. 

added 10.04am friday 8.11.19. 6.2C sunny . 

the lowest it came to was 1.7C at 5.14am, 5.49am, 7.04am. i daresay it will be lower in the further out suburbs of london. this one i got my figures from is latona road, near peckham, which to some might be allready in the far suburbs. haha. kensington and chelsea reports lowest at 3.3C at 7.14am. i suppose i should follow it rather than latona road, as it is closer to me. but it means i wont get the thrill of seeing it go down to 0C. haha. i am happy to see these low temperatures because i dont feel the cold in my flat, whatever the temperature outside, it does not seem to change the temp inside my flat. 



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