flooding in north england

9 Nov

london 8.45am 3C sunny saturday 2019

the news is the flooding of north england, manchester and sheffield area, due to heavy rains two days ago, when it seems half the month’s (some reports say the whole month’s rain)rain fell in 24hours. 40mm.

i was reading the article about it, when i saw a graph included in it telling of the lowest recorded temperatures in uk, and it showed mar2018 as the lowest. i had to go back to my posts of that period to recall if it is really that cold. and it was in a way. but because it was spring, no matter that it was record cold , it did not feel that bad. even though  it was -4.7C but i suspect that record  must be somewhere else in the country, not london. london is likely to be warmer than that. my own experience was that it was not that cold. 

all the other records were long ago, that is why the March one was so noticeable because it was like only last year. i thought the winter of 2010 was cold, but it never entered the records. 

The lowest recorded temperature in the UK was recorded in December 1995


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