11 Nov

london 1.30pm 9c cloudy monday 2019IMG_20191111_114714

towering high chicken burgers by this place near liverpool station, to commemorate the opening of their 4th branch in london. the chicken was wrapped in a batter that was very delicious, nice and crackling. the waitress mentioned it involved a high pressure fryer. i said i have never heard of a high pressure fryer, and said we wont be able to replicate it at home then. 

 i thought it was all done on the premises and said glancing at the back of the place where the workers can be seen preparing the food, it is all done very quietly isn’t it?   does not look like they are doing a big operation, there is hardly any oil or steam coming from there , and steve said it is pre-prepared. all done off the premises and brought in, remember that man bringing in the tray of chicken earlier? all precooked before. no wonder the food came so quick, i said. they only have to complete the final cooking, and that means they can get the food done quickly and served quickly. i said i can understand why people like kfc. the fried batter on the chicken is really delicious. its much nicer than kfc actually. and so it should, seeing it costs £11, normally. 

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