christmas advert

14 Nov

london 10.20am 6C sunny thursday 2019 . pimlico library

i got a email from john lewis telling me about their advert for christmas. and giving me the link. it is rather funny with the little dragon burning things uncontrollably, until the end when he miraculously was able to fine tune his fire breathing;  the little girl looked like an angry greta, she just makes me laugh every time i see her expression.

this library is very warm, and i have to start getting rid of my outer clothing. it looks like they have switched the heating on. and i saw this book, duck’s, newburyport. i have seen it before and had a glance inside and it was written without any paragraph or heading or breaks. one long continuous passage of words, so i did not borrow it. the long continuous words put me off. 

however, i read that it got a prize, not the booker, which it was entered for, but another one, with a cash prize of 10000, i forgot if it is £, or $. i think it is an american prize.

added   i was wrong, i googled it and came up with this link. it is a british prize. so it is in £s.

what is interesting is this time when i am again in the library and knowing it won this prize,  i took it from the shelf, there were 3 copies of this thick book on it. and began to read it, and found it is quite interesting… a string of consciousness put down on paper, of a rambling mind. 

added. 2.29pm home . i did not borrow it then. it is a very thick book and i was in two minds about borrowing it.  then, still in the library, i happen to check the lidl website to see what specials they got, as thursday is when they change their offers. and i saw whole chicken for £1.45/kg, and they have 1.65kg for £2.39. that is a bargain. so i left the library and took the bus to the nearest branch, in stockwell, and bought two. and their loss leader ploy worked on me, because whilst there i bought a lot more stuff, vegetables, like garlic , onions, spring onions, ginger, pointed cabbage, carrots, satsumas and even yoghurt, and cheesecake. it came to £10.

just goes to show they have got it right, and enticed me in there with the chicken and once in there i just bought other things that i wanted. and it was a heavy load to carry back, so now i think of it, i am glad i did not borrow that book.  but it is only a straight bus 88 ride right to my doorstep as it were. so this is a very convenient store for me. unlike the tesco or sainsburys, which used to be my usual shop. 

i am making hainanese chicken now. for this you need  a big enough pot to submerge all the chicken. i shall see how it turns out.

now that i got all that shopping done and brought it back, i am thinking of going back to the library later to borrow that book. it is a book that u would dip in and out, and read at random pages and the author have created a character with a very magpie mind, and have a mind that can play with word associations, so she leads from a word conveying one thing, to another thought , another word, that swings off at a tangent,and that triggers off another word…  very interesting, but i think have to be read in small doses, as it can get very overwhelming otherwise. i would imagine if this is a real person, she must be exhausted with all these thoughts going through her head all the time, seemingly without any rest from these noises in her head. i wonder if later, i find the story goes on to make us come to realise that this character is a woman on the verge of dementia, and progressively we shall be witness to her deterioration … i am just guessing how the story will go, as i have not read it all yet. i am hoping it wont come to it, as i find the word and free association and stream of consciousness is very clever and interesting, maybe not for the person but for me reading it. and i want a happy ending… but stories in a book must go somewhere, or there will be no reason to write the book, so i figure that something bad will happen to this character as the book progresses. 


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