market hall in oxford st

17 Nov

london 3.03pm 9C sunny sunday 2019




hyde park, speakers corner.

i went to the oxford st food market after i went to the paddington library, just to see what it is like. they have taken over the top floor, and roof of the4- storey block portion of the big building which was the former Bhs department store.  the interior is all exposed walls and ventilation chutes , with a very long escalator going up, and stairs coming down, and lifts for those who dont want to walk down the stairs. and i took pictures using my new digital kodak camera. i did not use any flash and it turn out quite well. prices are £10-£12 a plate. there were not many signs to tell the people walking in the main street about them, so that it seems only those in the know would be aware they are open for business. i was on the way out, when it occurred to me that there dont seem to be any place offering coffee… which we can find so common everywhere in london, but strangely not inside the food hall. perhaps they should entice some indepandants to open one up. but perhaps they dont want people to linger for ages over just a coffee. 

added. 9.32pm, i was on the way back on the bus 88, and it passes trafalgar square and i saw a row of log cabins with christmassy decorations, just below the national gallery facade, and it looked like a christmas market . then i saw this article about it, saying it is the first time there is a christmas market set up there. all this doesnot affect me of course, as i dont buy presents. 

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