i like meat

22 Nov

london 3.31pm 8C cloudy friday 2019

i have been whiling away the time by going to a free chicken offering by a new shop opening in old compton st. when i arrived there at about 11.20am, the shop was not ready, literally, not ready in that the renovation to make it a restaurant was delayed and it could not open for customers.

they told us they are going to cook in the kitchen, work on the kitchen was completed ok so they could cook the chicken, but we cannot go inside the shop, and so they will just give out the chicken at the door. they also gave us numbered coupon, just to make sure no one misses out, and that those waiting are within the 50 limit that they have to give out. 


its quite nice, quite a lot of it too. this place is called mr ji, and selling what they call taiwanese night market chicken. its very easy to eat, as it has no bones, and is flattened, so you dont even have to open your mouth wide to eat it. haha. i bet the westerners will like it, seeing they just dont like bones. i hope that when they do open properly, (next monday it seems, or so they hope)we will get another freebie. haha.

steve told me of their delayed opening, in an email, so i knew what to expect when i went there this morning. there are other free offers today as well, one for breakfast,free coffee and praline (whatever that is), near me , but i was too lazy to go. and another quite far away, in wimbledon. by leon, a restaurant chain.  i much prefer meat , that is why i go to this one. i am of that old school which thinks only meat makes a complete meal. to me veggie offerings are like snack food.

ah well, it is all very nice, and then i passed through chinatown, and went off to the leicester square library to return two books that simon borrowed, and to read the times, which happened to be available, then decided to go to the pimlico library and took the 24bus as it goes there. and read more newspapers; then i decided to go to the lidl because i saw from online that their new veggi offerings includes cabbage 52p(45p/kg),4garlic bulbs 49p, and 5 oranges 79p, and 5 apples 55p, all of which i wanted to eat. i am craving veggie, and bought celery too, whcih was 49p. the prices are really very reasonable. now it is 4.01pm and getting quite dark out there, sunset 4.03pm.

on the way back from the lidl i pass by many berry trees. bright red berries left on the leafless branches, and no birds to eat them. the berries look delicious, and they make for a happy merry display of colour ; but of course they are not edible to us, and even the birds dont eat them, at least i never see any nowadays eating any of them. a blog i read said magpie eats them, but i dont see many magpies around here. 


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