is the future hello fresh?

24 Nov

london 8.19pm 11C night dry sunday 2019

i thought there will be a cold spell coming down from the arctic, or so they have been threatening us with it, but it is very mild now and no sign of any cold spell. unless it is all in scotland, in which case i could not care less. haha. i can only say, everyone should welcome a cold winter in scotland, that might kill of those biting midges. i would love if mosquitos and midges go extinct. but it is not likely. they have certainly evolved to adapt to the winter, which normally would kill them off, but their eggs seem to survive to break out in summer and breed.

i have just eaten a pork stew that i cooked only just now. it is really easy to cook stew. basically, you just chop everything up and throw it into the pot, add herbs, and black soya sauce and just heat it to boiling then bring down to simmer, and you can really just simmer for maybe 15mins or less, and then switch off and let it cook in the residual heat. if u want the pork to be much softer, simmer it longer, but both soft or hard pork can be very nice. the beauty of cooking stew is that you can cook a lot and just eat it over days, by just heating it up, no need to be cooking everyday. i have read recipes for making stew and many of them say you got to cook it for hours. i wonder why they suggest that. i dont think it is necessary. 

i was looking at some blog talking about those fresh meals like hello fresh, where they send you the ingredients and recipe and take you step by step to cooking it, and promise you that it will only take 30mins. one of the disadvantages it seems is that you have to cook it everyday, there are none left over to warm up for another meal another day. 

i searched google for the british version of hello fresh, if u chose the veggie option, for 2, it is about £5, per meal. though during the introductory offer u can get it half priced. the blog i read was canadian and it costs $12 per meal. people might consider £5 a good price to pay for the convenience, no more need to do any food shopping, and from all accounts the taste is delicious, and varied. what is noticeable is there is a lot of plastic packaging , used to hold the various ingredients. 

lots of choices of meals so never need to repeat them .  though i notice myself , i like eating the same foods, esp my favourites, i dont seem to constantly want new experiences of food . maybe i am unusual, but i think most people are like me, we like eating the same foods . it is just a guess of course for all i know i am the only one who likes it that way.

what i notice in myself is that i dont like to be cooking everyday. so i cook a large batch and then divide them into single portions and freeze them, so i can just take one out another day and just heat it up, and eat it with cooked rice that i can just do in the rice cooker. i remember gousto is another one of those companies who does this. what is the collective name for them that we can put into google search? otherwise, how to find out who these companies are. added. i found these terms to use in the search, ‘fresh deliveries of home cooked foods’, brings up a nice selection of choices. and i found through it, the independants testing of them. 

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