nothing much

25 Nov

london 11C rain 5.16pm monday 2019

it was early morning, and these work men were making a lot of noise digging up the road just outside my kitchen and bedrooms windows.  they were cutting a channel in the road, to lay a cable or something. and that road looks like it has recently been resurfaced.

i was in soho and went into chinatown grocery store to see if they have any bargains, and they were selling thai red curry paste for £1, usually £5. i bought one, but i forgot that last time i bought one i thought it was too salty. and when i came back i found out, when i tasted it. it means i cannot use it as a paste to dip my food in, but as a curry laksa. it is allright i suppose, it should last me a long time, if i cannot use a lot of it for each cooking.

well, nothing much happens today. only the workmen outside the flat, but they were done by the time i got back from soho. i went to the virgin lounge that was why i took so long to get back, as it is very comfortable in the lounge. there were quite a lot of people about in it too, so i guess they too find it a comfortable place to hang around. 

added. oh i forgot, the news is about uber losing their license to operate in london. they are appealing but tfl says they dont get their license to operate renewed because uninsured people have put their photos over the authorised drivers and have been driving passengers in their stead . it must be quite common for this to be done… after all this is a way for people to sublet their cars to others to drive for them,and take a cut of the profits.  in other parts of the world where uber operates, it must be happening too,  but it is only in london that they are found out. the danger is that the unauthorised drivers might have criminal records especially for  sexual crimes. and they are picking up lone females late at night. or if there is an accident, those drivers are not insured and the passengers wont be covered for any injury. 

added 9.02C  thu 28.11.19. it seems this account sharing is quite common all over the world where these ride apps occur. 

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