our brain

26 Nov

london 9.34pm 11C light rain tuesday 2019

i have been reading someone saying our brains have a lot of neurons, for our brain size. and it seems we got this great brain because we discovered fire and were able to cook our foods, so that we dont have to spend so much time eating just to get the nutrients we need. and that frees up our time to do a lot of creative things. it is a fact that our brains are the most wonderful things about us as a species, that we are aware of ourselves, and can think in the abstract. and able to develop speech, and writing, so we can learn from others, as well as impart knowledge to future generations.

and we have made it so that eating is not only to get nutrients for our survival, but is enjoyable as well. the downside of course is that we get fat. haha. though i discovered with myself that when i am full, i dont feel like eating anymore. so it looks like a self limiting mechanism i have got. is that wired in my brain, do you think? so that we all have this negative feedback loop that can stop us overdoing things… except this mechanism seem to have been lost in a lot of people so they swing from extreme to extreme. 


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