something i wrote yesterday

28 Nov

london thursday 2019

london 10.09pm 10C wednesday 2019

earlier i was seeing a tv program about king tut, by dan snow, how he died, etc, and then later i saw a tv program by bettany hughes on a nile boat, travelling up the nile, and talking of king tut again. she was in a large tomb, which she says was the tomb of king tut, but we have just seen earlier that the tomb of king tut is really small.

there is now a exhibition of king tut in the sacchi galleries in chelsea. entry fee is £24.50 off peak which means weekdays. peak costs £28.50 which is weekends, school holidays and public holidays. it lasts from 2nov 2019 to 3may 2020.

to me i dont need to go see the real thing, because the tv programs about it takes a much closer and detailed look at the objects and is good enough for me. in an exhibition with so many people all wanting to see the same thing, it can be difficult to get close to the object to have a good look at it, and it is all behind glass too, and quite possibly a distance from everyone. from experience of these exhibitions, i know they are more trouble than they are worth. 

sometimes i wonder whether tv has made us so used to seeing these things, not only things but also nature , where we see closeups of animals that we assume and  expect to see them as easily in real life and we will get disappointed when in reality, it is rare to see these animals so close , or even at all… because they are very secretive in their movements and come out at night. and we might forget that in reality, going out into the wild to see these animals, more likely than not, you see nothing of them, at all. and that applies to these objects in these special exhibitions. 

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