life goes on in london

30 Nov

london 8.40am 3C foggy, (was 1.4C lowest ) saturday 2019

first foggy morning this year. at least in london. but it is not dark which is great. usually you would associate fog with darkness, as the sun cannot get through. but it is not so, looking out of the window i can see it is very bright where the sun is coming up over the roof of the block of flats. sunrise is about 7.42am today. sunset 3.55pm. it is now 8.45am. the ground is damp, suggesting it must have rained earlier. 

london 3.52pm 7C sunset 3.55pm. still light out there. saturday 2019

the fog dispersed very quickly once the sun came up.

the news is full of that terrorist episode in london bridge. after this, they will have to look again at that law that allows for automatic release for terrorists after a certain number of years and to rethink their ideas that these people can be rehabilitated. reading that news, i come to realise it was at a rehabiliting conference that he started his killing spree. and the two people killed were they students at the conference… ? a murderer became a hero on that day, so it looks like rehabilition for other crimes is possible, but not for the terrorists. a terrorist may be beyond rehabilitation.

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