tate britain christmas decoration

1 Dec

london 7.45pm 3C dry night sunday 2019. the temp is quite low so early in the night,usually this temp is around dawn.

yesterday i got back from the tesco, at about 7.30pm, i was looking for bargains but none to be had. and took the 87 back whcih dropped me off at the tate britain. and i saw the new lights installation in the front facade. there was sounds of rain and thunder, so it looks like the artist is trying to depict the christmas lights being ripped up by a storm and the winds tearing the flags and banners into strips. and down the steps there were models of ice, like pipes have been damaged and water has flooded down the steps to be frozen by the cold weather. there were stumps of grecian, or roman columns like they are the collapsed frontage of the tate. or so that was the impression i got. but just now i read this article describing what the artist intended… haha. i think i prefer my version. 

Tate Britain


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