pastime when we get old

3 Dec

london 8.23pm 6C dry tuesday 2019

we old people have to find things to do to while away the time while we wait for death. it can be fun, at least i enjoy it. today i while the time away by going to the local library and reading the papers, and whilst there i saw that a restaurant is giving away amareti biscuit, with a lucky dip , some contain a slip of paper giving 20% discount if u eat there. i got one in mine. 

it seems this is a new restaurant that the company, called lina stores, is doing… i thought they are a delicatessan, but it seems this one is them trying to combine selling italian food with making it and selling it as a restaurant. they are known for their fresh pasta. its quite a out- of- the way -location north of granary square, which is allready quite a distance from kings cross.

but all this was just an excuse on my part to get out and about, the bus journey by 390 bus was slow, esp when it went through oxford st, crawling all the way to tottenham court road. i could have gone faster by taking the tube directly to kings cross from victoria, but then, i am in no hurry and it is interesting to view life as it progress below me as i look at it at the top deck of the bus.

later when i was coming back, i discovered that the 390 actually passes near the granary square area.  the return journey was much faster since i decided to go to the age uk headquarters in tavistock square, to their canteen there, and so returned by a different bus route, using the 91 which takes me to trafalgar square, and thence 88 back home.

the portion of the journey to parliament square was diverted due to parts of the mall being closed to traffic,  perhaps to keep it clear for trump and his party of visitors here for the UN summit. when i got back i saw from my website that morrisons was giving away free hot drinks and minced pies to old people in the afternoon.. unfortunately by the time i read it, i had just woken from a nap and it was past 5pm. i guess looking back, i think it is all for the best, as i did have a lovely sleep, which is nice to have. haha. the nearest morrisons stores near me is the one in camberwell. they seem to be concentrated in the south london, and north london, near camden. nothing in the west or east. i was thinking maybe the old would welcome going there to meet other old people to chat with, but i wonder how many dont like to meet other old people to chat with. i read somewhere there are a lot of lonely old people, and i wonder how many of those like being alone. haha. everyone assumes they dont like it, and only wish to find company, but i dont like other old people’s company… i find what we talk about is too depressing, health or lack of it mainly… 

i was wandering around in the granary square area, went into the coal yard section of luxury shops, with their christmas trees all painted in various colours, and then saw a covered area full of gazebos, housing food stalls, and saw a few people at the entrance to the waitrose giving out leaflets, so i went over and this man gave me a leaflet from the trussel trust, a food bank charity, giving a list of items that they ask people to donate, presumably they want people to buy it from waitrose and give it to them. then i recognised the man who gave me the leaflet, he used to hang around our gang years ago, joining us in our regular chinatown restaurant meals. i vaguely remember he is a lawyer, i wondered what he is doing now, but before i could get further with it, a man from waitrose store came up to him and started talking to him, so i decided to leave them to it and went into the store. i went to the other entrance at the other end of the store and decided not to bother going back and chatting to my friend, somehow i dont seem very interested in renewing old acquaintances any more. i am thinking it will just serve me right if i am all alone with no one to care for me, with my severing all ties with old friends. ah well, so be it. i see others keeping up friendship through many years, this one even getting together every 5 yrs to take photos using the same pose as the first one. you can see them all gradually getting older inthe photos. i do marvel at how they can keep the friendship going for so long and all take the trouble to repeat that photo over such a long period of time. i would soon lose interest. 

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