food bargains

4 Dec

london 8.14p 3C dry wednesday 2019

i have just got back from the tesco, to search for bargains. it is a mild night, even though the thermometer says 3C, but it was windless, so not cold at all. of course you still have to wear sensible clothes.

when i went to the tesco i did not think there will be many bargains, and went hoping to buy some veg. i even took out my frozen pork, to thaw, before i went to the tesco. thinking to cook it with the veg i hope to buy from tesco tonight. i returned it to the freezer when i got back as it would be redundant. 

but tonight i got lucky, they reduced the mincedbeef to 62p, 500mg. and two were 5% fat , the other two were 15% fat. normally they sell for £3.75, and £4.65 respectively. so by rights if they are reduced by a quarter, it would be about 90p, £1.15, respectively, which are prices i would not buy so much of. so it was lucky that they went down to as low as 62p. so i bought 4.

two i froze, one i shall cook and the other one i told simon he can have to cook however he likes. so he is now happily in the kitchen cooking his. haha.

its been some time since i got such bargain meats. and i got some veg reduced too, mushrooms and celery and lettuce about 20p each. it is pot luck really as to whether they have any bargains to reduce or whether  u arrive at the right time and whether there are others hanging around looking for these bargains. but i might go more often on wednesdays.

it does make me enjoy my life a lot. these are simple pleasures really, to get things at a bargain price. it appeals to my  thrifty nature. and there is also the pleasure of deciding how to cook it, so many different ways to cook the meat, and all very nice to eat.

simon gets his kicks from watching snooker too. there is a live program of the snooker contest on now on the tv, but he is busy in the kitchen cooking, so is missing it. ha. i find it very boring really. but well, he likes it so he can use the tv to see it.

i am not sure if there are other tv programs tonight i want to watch, but i am not that obsessed with watching them. i circled only one program, at about 9pm, about pensions, some crisis or other… not that it affects me, haha.

earlier, i went to take my circuit class, the classes are getting busier, 7 of us there today. one of us have his wife attending the ladies class that was before us, and they are really busy, with so many ladies doing it. he said they have been married for ages. 50yrs and got two daughters in their late 40s, but only one granddaughter. he got married at 20, and so did she. but his daughters are not interested in having children, which is unusual, because when people marry so young, they tend to like having children, dont they and have huge families. he says he has 8 siblings, not all survive.

simon is making spaghetti bolognese with his mince beef, and i am having some of it now. quite nice to have, esp since i am quite hungry. 



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