5 Dec

london 7.41pm 10C (so high, i wonder why). dry thursday 2019

the forecast says it will be 10C all night and next morning, rising to 11C at dawn. its a topsy turvy temperature.

the lights is coming on tonight for the christmas tree donated by norway. i saw it a few days ago, when i was passing by trafalgar square in the bus, when they were putting it up, and i did think it looked rather bedraggled…even at that distance away… it seem to have lost its green look.  i was thinking it seems not to have survived being cut up, and carted to london, the journey by ship must have frazzled it a bit. haha. but it seems it is a 90 yr old tree, so it looks its age.

well, i was thinking if u have to cut down a tree, it might as well be an old one that has lost its prime , rather than a younger more vigorous tree that has a lot more years to live. after all, this gift of a tree is a symbolic one, and this year, they must have decided to go for height, rather than looks. it seems at 70ft, it is higher than the usual height they give us. once it has all those lights hanging down it , the height will make it look impressive.

i was thinking of going there to see it being lit up, but found a live twitter broadcast of it and so was able to see it without the discomfort of actually being there. hoho. anyway it will be better later on the month, when there is carol singing going on under the tree.

this report saying breathing london air is like smoking 150cigarettes a year, i find it hard to believe. they say it is the small particulates in the air, that is the culprit. but where or what is producing this small particulate? they did not say. and how come no one else in the world has this problem? london has no haze, or smoke from burning forests, or peat bogs, or from farmers burning things. we only have cars and vehicles… but so have many other cities, and they have much worse traffic than us. yet no mention they are all smoking 150cigarettes from air pollution. makes me very suspicious of these findings. 



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