nice to know how to cook

6 Dec

london 4.29pm 12C dry friday 2019

today is eventful for a free chicken burger given away free by othersidefried, in their new shop under the arches, in brixton. a very prominent position, and very nice chicken too, in a crisp batter, which is what everyone who eats fried chicken now wants, because it is not easy to get that when you do it at home. we are getting a lot of chicken shops opening up nowadays. these ones sell for £6.49. and on monday we will be very spoilt for choice as two places are giving away free burgers….both are in the city, so i guess we shall be shuttling between them. haha.

i came back and had a good sleep but now i am awake i am thinking of food again, wondering what to cook for dinner. i think i shall make a noodle soup.

it is nice to be able to cook, so u can have lots of choices of food to eat and not rely on buying takeaway or rely on another person to cook your food. there is a lot of pleasure in doing things for yourself that is why i sometimes wonder what pleasure rich people can have, to be served hand and foot, and have everything done for them… they are depriving themselves deliberately of one of the simple pleasures of life. and what are they saving the time they get when all their needs are catered for by someone else, they will have so much time to fill, they will get bored with their life. 

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