all you can eat buffets

10 Dec

london 5.24pm 11C stopped raining now tuesday 2019

my friend in bournemouth had been telling me of the things he has been doing. he and another friend went to a all you can eat thai buffet, £13 in salisbury. his friend is the one who wanted to go, instead of having the 2 course meal for £8. but it seems he started with the soup, and it was a very spicy soup, so much so that he got ill eating it and was sick in the toilet, and after that he was useless to eat the main foods, and so lost out on the meal.

i know this friend of his likes these eating- all -you- can food places, and can eat a lot. when he comes to london he would eat at chinatown all you can eat buffet, and go searching for the cheapest ones he can find.  so it must be very frustrating for him to find he got too ill to do it justice.

i myself dont like going to these all you can eat buffets, as i have such a small appetite these days. i can eat if given the whole day to do it, little portions throughout the day, i can manage but not this fast paced eating. but the big objection i have to these places is the very salty foods they have. i think it ruins the food. and perhaps it is necessary to stop people eating a lot. does salty foods make u stop eating? or make it impossible to over eat? maybe it makes u so thirsty that u drink a lot of water and that fills you up too. 

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