free bacon sandwich today and tomorrow and tomorrow

11 Dec

london 12.51pm 8C sunny wednesday 2019

its lovely this one, they set up a dispensing machine, which gives out these bacon sandwiches instead of cash. its near liverpool st station, when i went there at about 11am, there was no queue, so that i missed it entirely and went down the length of the street before retracing my steps and then seeing the huge hoarding advertising it.

the hoarding hides the workers behind the hoarding, where there must be kitchen facillities to make the sandwich, and one of them came out , i think for a break, as they started at 8am. and will continue till 2pm, and they will repeat it for two days.

i dont know what it is in aid of, they have a panel for donations,£1, £2, £5.  if u want to do it, and the two gentlemen before me did… he tried to use a card first to pay for it, and it wont take it, then he used something he was wearing on his wrist.

when it was my turn, i saw there was a button ‘no donation’ if u want it free. the bacon sandwiches comes with 3 choices , with ketchup, brown sauce, or no sauce, and it comes in a sachet which u have to add yourself. the bacon sandwich is good without the sauce really. 

i can see the local workmen were liking it, there is nothing to stop you from going there for repeat food, i myself went there twice, though twice was enough for me. once makes u wanting more, it was that good. the bacon was nice and crispy.

at that time there was hardly any queue as most of the workers are busy at their  offices. lunchtime will be busier.

after getting it the second time i was on the other side of the street thinking to sit in the benches in the sun to eat it, and a man was standing there, so i told him if he would like a free bacon sandwich. he said yes,  and i pointed the machine out for him, he wanted me to show him how it works, so i took him back to the machine, and showed him how . he got his sandwich, and i told him he can come back for more too today,  and they do it tomorrow and tomorrow till 2pm.

i would have thought it would be a lovely breakfast for those who hang around the street. i find it strange that you dont see these people coming to these food free offers. they dont seem to know about these free food offers. i would have thought they would have a word of mouth network telling them of these freebies.

maybe they dont have access to the internet, though nowadays with every beggar having a smartphone, how can anyone not be able to get online these days. but i would have thought this kind of thing is ideal for dispensing food to the down and outs who would need it more.

of course i suspect the whole thing is a publicity thing to attract the office workers around here, people like the two men who were before me. they were wearing suits and look very prosperous. 

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