free sarnies, and cheap veggies and election day

12 Dec

london 2.08pm 9C rain thursday 2019

election day in uk today. i voted very early, about 8.30am, the polling station is only just across the street from my flat, but even so early, there was a long queue. in the past there have been no queues, but this time there were only two  desks, with two people manning it, to check the addresses. the guy behind me i got chatting to, and found that he had just come to live nearby. he rents the flat in this estate,  he used to be in turnpike lane(it is in N8, zone 3), and he works in waterloo. he is a indian guy and was alone. though of course he might not live alone, as people tend to vote at different times of the day. from what i see, we were the only two non white people queueing up. 

well, i got that out of the way and about 10.30am i went by tube to liverpool st station to get the free bacon sarnies. there was not many people , so i was able to get two, haha. after finishing off the first one, i went past the machine again, and since there was only a few people , i queued up again. its very nice bacon sarnies, crispy and crunchy and smells like real. so that was a nice way to start the day. even if it was a drizzly sort of morning. i saw another info telling me of tomorrow there will be another company giving away free veggi and bacon sarnies , in the same area. i wonder what it is , that they are giving away free sarnies. ah well, i like bacon sarnies but not too keen on veggi sarnies.

and today’s metro i read an advert saying tesco is selling 29p packs of vegetables, like cauliflower, carrots, parsnips,sprouts,potatoes… i shall certainly go and buy them…i fancy some roast veggies. 

i read morrisons are going to give away wonky carrots on 17 dec, but if the supermarkets are all following tesco and selling veggies cheap, by that time we shall are get a bit fed up of eating carrots haha. 

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