cons win

13 Dec

london 4.38pm 8C dry friday 2019

the election was yesterday and today we have the result, landslide victory for johnson and the conservatives.

i went to the rash machine to get my bacon sarnie, it will be the last day that they do this. there ws a bit of a queue, so i decided to go  look for the other company doing the same thing, but could not find them. when i returned to the rash machine, there was no queue , so i got my bacon sarnie.

then it was time to go queue up for the veggi pizza place that is just opening in brick lane. my friend steve was there, first in the queue so i jumped the queue and went to him haha. it was early so i could do that. the chap behind us was waxing praise for them, saying they do the best vegan pizza , that he had eaten them in new york, and this one we are queueing for  is the best. such praise , so we have high expectations of it.

steve ordered the pepperoni ones. i thought they were veggies, but they are not normally, i forget pepperonis are meat sausages, but in this place they are mimic pepperonis. i ordered the chicken, fake ones, though the name was so deceptive that i kept thinking they are the real thing. (the butchers were right to insist that vegans cannot call their fake meat, chicken or use any meat names.)

anyway, it was marinated in curry so it tasted like a curry chicken. its not bad, but the toppings dont go all the way to the edge of the pizza, leaving a wide margin of dough. perhaps that is normal. i could not finish the dough, so packed that up to take away. (i ate them just now, and they are quite nice even though cold).

i was sharing the table for two with a old man, and he was pouring salt and chilli flakes and pepper over each slice before it ate it. the shop did not provide it, he got his own. but so much salt, makes me shudder when i see him doing it. he could not finish the last slice, and packed that up before going to the toilet. earlier he was telling the waiter he does not want garlic on his pizza. with me, it was the other way, i ate allthe toppings, and left the margin of dough. which i packed and took away.  the shop serves u the pizza and a pizza cutter for each person. they must have a lot of pizza cutters to hand out. 

we got our food first, whilst those who came later have to wait till the early comers were served. it pays to be first in the queue.

i ws too full to get another bacon sarnie when i passed the rash machine again. instead i went to the library to read the papers.

these freebies which i get serve and be able to eat is enough to just satisfy me for these foods, and make me realise that after eating them, i am very happy to give them a rest and not eat them for a while, until the next freebie comes along. haha. i dont know how people can eat them day in and day out.

i read somewhere that london tops everyone for takeaways, spending about £700 a year, (and paying £10,£15 each time)as opposed to the rest of the country at £400 a year. maybe some do more spending than others, and they are the ones that bung up the figures. after all , i dont spend any at all. so someone must be spending it for me. haha. 

chicken foreground, margarita background on left pic, pepperoni on right pic

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