bubble tea and a flood of santas

14 Dec

london 4.27pm 7C dry night saturday 2019

i went today to a new shop opening, selling bubble tea and drinks with bubbles in it. the bubbles are really tapioca balls. to me it is a pointless thing, but it seems popular for some reason.

i went there to get it, and from the menu it looks wonderful, and tempting, and i was really torn between chosing the hot option or cold one, and which ones, the fruit drinks or the tea/coffee ones. the fruit options have such nice sounding fruit, like mango, and passion fruit… but in the end i choose hot chocolate, but when i got my order, it was cold, but i did not make a fuss about it.

i was chatting to two chinese girls who were queueing with me, and one of them chosed taro drink. they gave her one, but she said it was not what she chosed, and they make her another one. i wonder what her taro drink taste of, it came in a tall container and looked very nice. anyway the shop  had plastic big size straws, even though they had a notice saying they use reuseable steel straws but i could not see any of those. you have to use these big bore straws to drink the stuff, as the bubbles can only be sucked through the big bore straws.

i have eaten these bubbles drinks before and did not like them, but i thought maybe i will give them another try and see maybe the first time it was a dud. but no, i still do not like them. you cannot chew them, and have to swallow them whole and they are tasteless and have a gummy texture. i read somewhere about a case of a woman with so many of these balls in her stomach, they have to operate to get them out. not sure if that is fake news, but having eaten them, i can well imagine it is true. i dont think my stomach can digest them. i thought those bubbles may be like the malaysian drinks, called chin chow , or glass jelly… those are really very nice, but these bubbles are not like that all. 

so i just drank the chocolate and left the bubbles uneaten. at least with these chocolate drink, it was not very sweet.  i doubt i want to eat these again, and will resist going to any free offers like this, even though it all sounds very enticing and make you feel as if u are missing out by not liking to drink these bubble teas. 


all those santas i saw in cambridge circus, near chinatown, are just people having fun

here in london we have all kinds of business activity, people setting up business in an attempt to make money, and willing to gamble on selling all kinds of things… even bubble tea, because with so many footfalls, any business can make money. and it is capitalism that makes all this possible, and yet london is a labour stronghold. practically the whole of central london , except a small pocket of 3, westminster& city of london, fulham&chelsea and kensington are conservative, the rest is red labour. and all of them enjoy the fruits of capitalism, while criticising capitalism and praising socialism… they all are enjoying the fruits of capitalism, by having jobs and having money to spend , whilst out in the country, places like blyth , a labour stronghold since the 50s, there are no jobs and no money because no businesses want to set up there. it is a mining town, and havent reinvented itself to attract businesses to it. would things be different if labour have concentrated on bringing these places into the 21st century and concentrated on the high tech, and computerised industries? do you think? then might not the story be so different, with those places being very sought after places to live and work and make money. and with people complaining of gentrification and high house prices. 

3 Responses to “bubble tea and a flood of santas”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday December 15, 2019 at 12:01 am #

    Bubble tea is the rage here in lil red dot. $4.50 a cup! Long queues for it. They have all sorts of flavors. I tried once – sour plum with zero sugar and it still tasted sweet as the tapioca balls are sweet. It is addictive truly. You ought to try it. There’s green tea, milk tea etc. My colleagues can have it everyday and I wonder how they can afford it daily – cost and health wise ,(lethal in calories!)

    • alifesgayventure Sunday December 15, 2019 at 8:25 am #

      i think in uk the balls are made of gelatin, because they dont taste of anything , and not sweet. maybe the taro may taste better. no sour plum here. they are from £3.80. i dont remember them being sold in malaysia/singapore when i was young. so it must be after my time. i have tried it (twice too), and dont like it, so wont be bothering again.

      • Garfield Hug Sunday December 15, 2019 at 10:47 am #

        The trend started only in 2017 onwards. Heaps of flavors here. I suppose at your end flavors are more conventional to suit UK palate.

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