the need to talk can be a habit

16 Dec

london 3.25pm 9C cloudy monday 2019

i have been eating the tesco veggies 2 days running now, and i am beginning to get a bit bored with them. i realised how bored i was with them, when i came back from the library today and cooked some waitrose essential sausages that i had taken out to thaw this morning, and it just perked up the veggies no end. there is definitely something about meat, even in sausages, that makes them very more-ish. i like the essential waitrose sausages, better than the normal brand in the other supermarkets, they are not oily for one thing. these i bought when they were reduced to 55p. i dont see anymore such reductions now, so it might be the end of those prices.

i noticed that going to the local libraries in various parts of london gives me the excuse to get out and about. i know old folks in other cities or in their villages all over the world will go regularly to their local bars, or coffee houses, and while the time with the others there making friends with the other old people who gather there and trade gossips. so my library going is the equivalent for me. i think plenty of these old folks go out to talk to people. that is why they will talk to the bus driver, sales people, the people working in the supermarkets even, or trades people. i sometimes wonder why they like to talk to people so much… i dont have that craving. in fact i avoid talking to people if i can help it. thus, i go to the self check out tills rather than have to deal with the human cashiers.

so when do people get to the age when they have the urge to talk to other people? my theory is that most people have children, and so they are always surrounded by people that they have to talk to and they had got into the habit of it, so that when later they are alone, either because the kids have all left, and the husband or wife had died, they dont have anyone to be talking to and so they go out and try to get an audience. they never learnt to live with their own thoughts without having to voice it to someone else. 

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