renew my talktalk broadband contract for another 2yrs

17 Dec

london 9.37pm 7C rain tuesday 2019

my broadband is expiring in jan 2020. i saw a tv program last night talking of how people overpay for their broadband because they stay with their provider instead of searching for cheaper ones . people are too afraid or too lazy to move. and today i realised i belong to one of those who are too lazy to move. haha.

i logged onto my broadband provider , talk talk, this morning, and they tell me my contract is expiring and if i wish, i can renew my contract on the same price as before. i am glad they are keeping the same price… in fact, in my mind, i was allready thinking of continueing with them if they keep to the same price. though recently they have imposed a new charge of 2p for everytime i retrieve a message on the answering machine. previously it was free. 

well that is really convenient, with one click of the button i can get it renewed for another 2yrs, and dont have to bother about it again for that length of time. both simon and i are quite happy with the speed we are getting,11MBS and it is unlimited broadband, so even though i found out that the post office  is cheaper,(£10 a month instead of £19.95 a month) i just felt too lazy to go through all the new procedures to shift providers, so i renewed the contract.

i think the postoffice doesnot include line rental, as it is too cheap… that price sounds like it is for broadband only, without the line rental. my present tariff includes line rental. i think if something sounds too cheap to be true, it is. or it might be just me trying to justify  my not shifting to a cheaper tariff. haha.

ah well, with the present provider, we get access to our tv programs, all the free view programs and catch up tv, which we are finding we like very much. the tv set up box is provided by talktalk, and we think we might lose its function if we change providers… who knows right, and that might be the reason why many dont like to change providers. the tv program last night told us of a lady who did not want to change from hers, she pays £70 a month, for virgin, just because she got an email address from it and did not want to have that cancelled. and it seems she will lose her email if she cancels the virgin broadband service. but the price she pays is very high, like £50 a month just to keep her email address.

fortunately for me, i have a hotmail, and a gmail email address, which are not reliant on the broadband provider. that lady was advised to get one of those, and tell all her friends of her new email, and then after about 3months, to cancel her virgin broadband account. 

i think talktalk have a email address linking to them, but i did not bother to use it. i think apart from the cheaper tariff with talktalk, i get to keep my landline number… and that is purely for nostalgia, as i dont use it to make calls, but have a pay as i go mobile phone sim card from asda. so that is what is keeping me tied to a landline broadband provider. so far the tariffs are quite cheap, but if it goes up a lot i shall get rid of my landline phone… and it might be what the future brings… i can well see a time when landlines will become obsolete. i read of something called VOIP, voice over internet protocol. that might be the future. who knows.

i am glad to be living in london where it is easy to get broadband at speeds that is functional. so now i can forget about this broadband thingy until 2yrs from now..hoho. 

added. 11.07am 7C cloudy

Free broadband? Free tuition fees? Free school meals? Cheaper train fares? We can deliver it for you wholesale, all at the same time, right away. link

(it looks like brexit, is the cause of the labour loss. in a convoluted way, those labour supporters in the midlands who voted leave blame labour for not voting in parliament  to get brexit done. and then during the elections want a 2nd referendum , it is like telling them all that they are too stupid to have voted leave the first time.

the quote above reminded me that labour giving away free broadband was one of their promises. and now they lost and we have to pay for our broadband… but it is interesting that i am not that bothered that we dont have free broadband. deep down, even i realise that there is no such thing as free, someone , somewhere will pay for it. not to mention free broadband means they will block us from accessing porn sites. like the library free wifi that we get now and which censors what they call porn websites..haha. and blanket labelling of porn  like that means we wont be able to access legit sites like  gay websites. so if they give us free broadband it will have exclusions, it means we still have to subscribe to private wifi anyway.

what is more, now we allready have free broadband, many businesses give out free wifi now. so we are getting free broadband now allready, without costing the govt any money at all. 

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