more cheap veggies

18 Dec

london 6.38pm 11C rain wednesday 2019

i saw lidl’s advert in the metro newspaper, whcih comes out in the morning, saying their carrots, brussels sprouts , potatoes, red cabbage is 19p. when i went there i saw the red cabbage is per kg. i dont know if it is psychological, but somehow when they put it like that, quoting it per kg, it put me off buying it. but  it is in fact  better value to get it by weight, so that  small cabbages will be even cheaper than 15p. anyway, i decided not to buy.

i think it might be also that branch riled me in the past when it  did not have any cash self service tills, only ones that accept cards only. (i noticed they have installed some now)and that got me irritated enough to vow not to go there ever again.

so why did i go back there this time? well, i was next door, having gone to the asda next door to it.  where i wanted to buy their dried egg noodles (57pfor 250mg), and washingliquid,(89p for 1 litre… it got higher concentration of anionic sulphides). so whilst i was there i thought i might as well check out the lidl and their 19p veg. 

it turned out just as well i did not buy, because i got a late edition evening standard just now where tesco was advertising further reductions to 19p for their carrots, brussels sprouts and parsnips. i still got a lot of those vegetables, so not that keen on buying some more so soon. i must try to think of newer ways of cooking these veggies just to make them more appetising. all these supermarkets are trying to out do each other to entice us to go to them. but now that i have a think, the cabbage would be worth buying, simply because no other supermarket is selling it that cheap . 

all this cheap veggies means people can put the money saved towards a good roast meat… and even then beef and lamb are being sold at half price now so no excuse not to have meat on the table.

it does sound like this year you can have a nice roast dinner without spending a lot of money. i think they are making back the money on the desserts.  they did a blind taste of christmas pudding, and the morrisons one came 2nd at £5, whilst the winner was the lidl one at £12. mind you , you have to add the cost of the brandy to pour over it and set on fire. that is the way the brits eat the pudding. dont know why they want to set fire to the brandy on top of the pudding. perhaps they hope people just get into the habit of buying stuff and so start buying the expensive stuff without realising it. 

the tv is full of food programs too, telling you how to cook the dinner. i am seeing one now, talking of how to cook the turkey and which ones, premium reared ones, or the standard ones. it seems the standard ones are quite good so that there is no strong reason to buy the premium ones. seeing it makes me hungry but i am too lazy to start cooking, so it was great that simon came home and started cooking a curry chicken. using a bottled sauce , so it was quite quick to cook up, and i am now eating it with rice. it is deliciuous, but maybe i am just hungry. haha.

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