chicken dinner

21 Dec

london 4.35pm 9C rain saturday 2019

i have run out of bread, and simon hadn’t bought any or rather had eaten all that he bought. so i shall be going to the tesco later tonight to see if any are being reduced and i can buy it. haha.

i dont buy bread at its full price anymore. because why bother, when i will freeze them anyway. it takes me a long time to finish a loaf of bread, as i dont eat it that much. now and then i get a craving for bread, and that is when freezing it comes in so handy. then,when i fancy bread, all i need to do is take a few slices out of the freezer and toast it from frozen. easy peasy.

today the papers are putting out their 2weeks tv guide for the christmas and new year period. so people can plan their viewing. but often the reviews make it sound lovely, but when u actually get to see it, it is a bit boring. that is my experience anyway, but it still does not mean i wont see it. haha. hope springs eternal.

but nowadays the screens are so wonderful, the pictures are so bright and sharp that it is quite a pleasure to see them, for their visual splendour, if nothing else. like now, i am seeing again the film, madagascar, the first film of the series. and i can only marvel at the vividness of the images. they have come a long way from the old days of cartoons.

i dont see much tv actually, you might be surprised at this, but simon has been seeing his tv programs, so i dont get to see mine.

he has gone off to the sainsburys to buy something, that is why i am getting control of the remote to see this. but there is nothing that i really  want to see that much. that is why i dont mind if he wants to see anything.

i think now there might be somebody thinking how sad that i am not out there being with friends and enjoying eating and drinking and making merry with friends or family all around me. hmm, i think you have to remind yourself that scenario is hell to some of us. haha. i daresay it just tells people that some of us are rather introverts, and prefer our own company and dont like crowds.

6.46pm.simon has been cooking and when i went to the kitchen to ask him what he is cooking, he said chicken. and it will be ready soon. and when i told him i will be going to the supermarket to buy bread, he said the chicken will be ready soon, go tomorrow . so it looks like i shall postpone my bread trip till tomorrow then. 





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