winter starts today

22 Dec

london 9.46pm 7C dry night sunday 2019

dont feel like winter actually, in that it is very mild temperature we are having now. but the vegetation round here is showing it, every growing thing is dead looking. withered or shrivelled up. only the holly bush is trying its best to brighten things up, with its bright green spiny leaves, and its bright red berries.

now i think of it, it is nice to have all the christmas trees put up by council, or private individuals, around town, its fairy lights brighten things up.

i went to the tesco to get bread, and came back with a baquette 11p, and a rhubarb pie, 31p, and 5 ring doughnuts.20p. and i still could not resist buying another cauliflower for 29p. i still got that red cabbage to finish. it colours the cooking, whcih makes the dish look rather unappetising, the red colour seems to leak out and turn blue, and blue food looks horrid. i still do not know how to cook red cabbage without all that blue tinge destroying the look of it. 

i seem to have got a carbo crave , after eating so much veggies.

the tesco is giving away free carrots ‘for rudolph’, not that many people are grabbing them. haha. 

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