films give us a lot of enjoyment mixing fun with tears.

24 Dec

london 1.50pm 12C cloudy tuesday 2019 christmas eve

lots of lovely films on today because it is christmas eve. they are old films i have seen before, but never from the beginning, so i have been catching up on them, seeing them right from the start.

first one was murder on the orient express, starring albert finney, with allthose famous film stars taking various roles and hamming it up for all they are worth , haha. then there is 7wives for 7 brothers. the songs are quite tuneful, and sung in operatic highs, which was the norm in those days of old style musicals. whcih means you do need to know how to sing  or rather, they need to use actors that know how to sing and dance as well. there were others all starting at about the same time, so quite impossible to see them all from start to finish, but it is not necessary, as i have seen them before. 

then i started cookng lunch, just a stir fry using the shredded red cabbage, onions ,and carrots, with scrambled egg and fried rice. its quite nice, esp when simon came home with some bacon, and i pinched a slice and microwave it (cover it with some tissue paper first otherwise the oil spits a lot inside the microwave when cooking)  to make it scrunchy and added it to the rice. my friend ian suggested that cooking the veg in onions does make everything taste nice, and he is right. so now, simon has taken hold of the remote and set it to toy story 3, and so we are seeing it, or rather it is on , whilst he is half looking at it. i have not seen it completely, so i dont mind seeing it now. the ending when he gave away all his toys including woody to the little girl makes me cry. there is sadness even in cartoons. and that is life really. 

real life is impinging into our lives too. i just heard the news from my nephew who emailed me that his father, my eldest brother had just died. he was 10yrs older than me. it was quite sudden. but at this time of my life, i am getting lots of people i know dying off. and i know those of us approaching 70 must be aware that our time is not long either, at most 10 or 15 more years before we go too. but where there is life, there is hope and lots of chances for fun and laughter and enjoyment too and to live for the now. 


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