christmas day

25 Dec

london 6.35pm 4C dry night wednesday 2019 christmas day

today nothing is working, no public transport and practically every shop is shut. it is difficult to know what is opened , so most of us just stay where we are, whether at our own homes, or if we are with family, than in the family home or the grandparents. even simon is at home with me. he got rid of his car some years ago, and so cannot go to visit his mum in essex, even if he wants to. and with no public transport it is a good excuse not to join in the gathering. i have never joined him and have never seen or met his mother. haha. i think we (by that i mean his mother, and me) both preferred it. he decided to cook a roast dinner for lunch. he spent so much time doing it, that in the end, when it was cooked he said he felt too full to eat it. so i ate mine, but he left his till much later, at dinnertime actually before his appetite came back.

he does take a lot of time and effort to roast the dinner. whereas with me, i just bung the whole lot into the oven and let it all roast. he would boil the veg first before he roast them. he would peel the veggies too, whereas i dont think it is necessary. thus, he spents a lot of time in the kitchen. no wonder he lost all appetite by the time it gets done. 

its a really sunny and blue sky day today, so hardly a white christmas. its a nice day, though more fun if it were snowing. 

even though sunny, it did not tempt me to go out though. it would be too cold to just sit out in the sun i think, because even though sunny, it is a weak sun with not much warmth in it. and with nothing open, there is no reason to go out. and it is much more comfy just staying inside and eat. haha. and watch tv. most people would be going out for the compulsory walk i guess.

i wonder if there are any pubs opened today to provide the christmas roast dinner. it would be an answer to those who dont like to cook but for it to happen, you must have your own transport, otherwise how is everyone going to make it to the pub? right? and also what staff wants to work over christmas? must be very few and hard to get, even if they are being paid twice the rate. i dont see any pub advertising that they are open on christmas day. (the only ones are those giving away free dinners to the homeless or elderly. i would like to go myself, but how to do it, without public transport?). every year, i marvel that london can close down like this on this christmas day. i dont know of any big city in the world that does this. must be awful if u are a tourist thinking it a good time to visit london on christmas day… it must surprise many tourists, that a city can just shut down like this.

added. i just realise this, today must be the only day when many will be cooking dinner , because there are no restaurants opened normally. though i have to admit that the delivery companies are still working today so people can order takeaway for their christmas dinner. so no one have to cook if they dont want to, and of course you can always buy ready cooked meals from the supermarket, either frozen or not, to reheat today. but it explains why the supermarkets put so much into these few days , it must be the only time of year when people cook and the only chance to make big sales and therefore  big profits.  

9 pubs that are opened on christmas day today. i htink macdonalds and burgerking are opened as usual. maybe even kfc are opened. these chain stores can be relied on i think to keep open even on christmas day. and i know chinatown restaurants , not all of them, but enough will be opened so that it has become traditional now, and it is well  known for it, though they will all be very busy. 

i hear that the airports are busy with people flying off over the holidays, so they must be going to other cities that remain open during christmas. i bet the incoming traffic of visitors coming to london must drop drastically before christmas day. 



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