boxing day

26 Dec

london 7.34pm 9C , rain earlier, dry now. thursday 2019

a blogger reminded me that we are turning a new decade. strictly speaking, it does not start till 2021, but most of us i think prefers that the start of 2020 heralds the start of the new decade.

so it is 100 years since the old roaring 20s of the 1920s. of gangsters and their molls, and speakeasies, and bootleg liquour. this roaring 20s will be different. we look back to the 1920s with nostalgia, even though  very few of us have lived through it, haha. perhaps that is why we can fantasise about it.

 we are all going to live through this coming one. though not all will be leaving it alive. but what is definite is that none of us alive now will live to the next roaring 20s in 2120, (or perhaps i am a bit pessimistic, who knows they might find a new way of making us live longer than 100yrs old…)but i wonder if those who live then will look back on this with nostalgia too.

it is the music it seems that defines each decade, so i wonder what music shall distinguish this coming one. the fashion of dress also seem to define each decade, but this modern life does not seem so slavish to fashion , nor does it have strong designer personalities  that can style a dress sense that seem to embody that decade.

but this change in decade can lead to people saying ‘goodbye, see you next decade’. unlike my circuit training coach saying to us at the end of our last session with him, ‘see you next year’. 

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