scotland is warmer than london

30 Dec

london 12.37pm 9C sunny monday 2019

KODAK Digital Still Camera

its very early dont you think for flowers to bloom. does it know something we dont? this plant was blooming in the corner of the courtyard. maybe it knows that this winter will be a mild one. in cassley this morning, at about 3am it took the record for the warmest december, 16.8C . cassley is in the highlands in sutherland, in scotland. it was 2.2C in london. usually highlands are colder than lowlands, and northern lattitudes will be colder than southern ones. 

i have a feeling this winter will be mild. it is allready very mild here in london. if flowers can bloom in december, it tells u it will be mild. normally, it is flowers like camelia, that bloom around now. this one i see blooming, i have not seen doing so before. 

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