a friend dropped in to visit

1 Jan

london 12.45pm 6C cloudy wednesday 2019 2020 .new year

last night a friend from bournemouth phoned me out of the blue and said he is coming to london in a few hours , he got a free lift to london.

well, that was a surprise , but he had been to stay at my place before, so i was not put out by such short notice, and just said i shall expect him then. and went to tidy up the spare bedroom, which had not been used since he last came to visit. must be more than a year ago.

anyway, he arrived and he told me he decided on the spur of the moment to come to london, went to the bus station in bournemouth to buy a ticket to be told all sold out. then a coach driver told him he is driving his coach to heathrow and he can give him a lift free. two other guys were invited as well. it was like about 6 or 7pm at night, so it seems if u are willing to try your luck on new year eve, late at night, you might be able to get a lift free. haha.

we watched the countdown and fireworks on tv, as it is so much easier and comfortable to do so. beats having  to go out and wait for hours in the cold (and wet if raining which tonight fortunately was not) for the midnite hour.

to me when i was seeing the live fireworks on tv, it seemed like i have seen it before, they all look the same to me nowadays. haha. and all the fireworks centred round the london eye seem to be at the same level. i remembered past fireworks when i have been very impressed because they are  at different heights, but maybe i was seeing them at ground level then, whereas watching it on tv, you get a birds eye view from high up, and everything looks diminished.

anyway my friend went out soon after the fireworks because he said he wanted to see what he could scavenge, hoping people left behind anything. i did not join him, as i wanted my beauty sleep. haha.

the next day i saw what he got, a artificial christmas tree, lots of one handed gloves, a blanket, a cardigan, lots of unused plastic cups, two wine bottles … not a expensive haul. not surprising i think. as most revellers wont be bringing anything with them, but drinks and beer.

now my friend has gone to the gay sauna nearby, but the last i heard from him was him being lost in vauxhall. trying to find the bus i told him to get. ah well, nevermind, i am sure he will find it eventually. and he said he intends to go see the new year parade, and then go back to the sauna again. i guess the best way to celebrate the new year is in a gay sauna. in the past that was how i celebrate it too, by going to a new year eve disco , and/or in a gay sauna.

its looks quite misty out there now, and might be cold too. all those scantily clad parade dancers will be feeling the cold. hope they have a lot of dancing to do to warm themselves up. 

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