buying a coach ticket to bournemouth

3 Jan

london 1.48pm 8.2C sunny friday 2020

i still keep writing 2019, instead of 2020.

this morning my friend decided to go back to bournemouth tomorrow, so asked me to book online for him his national express ticket. it costs £24.80 one way, but he has a disabled coachcard, so that brought the cost down to £15.80. however, i was unable to book that one online, so called up the chat line, and whoever there told me there was something i should have done, should not have done. anyway she said they will call him on his phone to book the ticket. we are still waiting for the call,.

then my friend thought he might go to the express coach station, whcih is a bus ride away from my place, and see if he can book it in person. and might even go home tonight, instead of tomorrow if they have a seat. it sounds like a good idea to me. its a pity that he does not know how his smartphone works. otherwise he could do all this via the smartphone. he could not even access his email via the smartphone.

and i could not help him, because i dont have a clue how the smartphone works myself. i suggested that when he gets back to bournemouth, he borrows a iphone4 for dummies book from the library  that will teach him how it works. that smartphone of his, an iphone4, he said he bought for only £20. i am surprised it still works, because apple is known for not supporting old iphones, and this one must be very old. 2010 according to google search. it seems the big disadvantage is that of security, no updates for security on that phone. 

it makes me even more reluctant to buy a smartphone. it seems like a lot of bother, and the small screen makes it very difficult to see anything, as for typing words, forget it. i did find he can use siri to do things for him, just by talking to it. so that is a positive thing.

but we still could not get siri to go to his hotmail account, so he can read his emails.

i went into his account via my chromebook,and he typed in his password, and i saw he had more than 3000 messages in his inbox.

perhaps he can get his email forwarded to his phone, but do not know how to delete them using his phone. well, he is here now, and talking to the bus company to book the ticket. ah well, i am glad i am not involved in it . imagine trying to give details of name address, creditcard numbers over the phone, when it is so difficult to hear . at least that is what happen when i try to hear what he is saying. and i am standing right next to him. haha. but it might be just me, hard of hearing. i think that explains why i like reading things, rather than hearing them, and prefer communications that involve writing instead of talking. 

added 10.34pm 6C . my friend is leaving for bournemouth on the 11.50pm bus , it goes by heathrow and then on to bournemouth. that explains why there is such a late service . it will arrive in bournemouth at about 2.30am. but my friend lives near the station and so can walk home from there. he got the ticket for about £11. so even cheaper.

earlier we were watching south pacific, the musical film. i have heard the songs in it when i was growing up in malaysia, because we got the LP, and it was played often enough for me to memorise the songs, and even sing to it, so i was very familiar with the songs, without knowing the story. so i have created my own story that are quite different from the film, and today it is the first time i saw the whole film from beginning to end. it is quite affecting, the whole effect, and it recalled to me how wonderful the songs are.

then later tonight we saw the last episode of the dracula film by the bbc. it is a real modern take on the old dracula story and quite a lot of twisty events they have put into it. but it is not as affecting to me as the south pacific film. the film, even though so old that the colours keep changing and fading in and out from all washed out to full colour; affects me even after all these years. like they say, they dont make musicals or films like that anymore. 





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