be happy

5 Jan

london 9.15pm 8C dry night  sunday

its an uneventful day today. at least for me, and in london. its a very quiet sunday here in london, for me anyway. i am enjoying it , i am very grateful for uneventful days. 

maybe lots of people elsewhere in the world are having very eventful days… and we read of them in the news nowadays. there dont seem to be any way of getting away from knowing about it. that is what is i think the biggest thing about living nowadays. that the news is everywhere and anything happening even in the other side of the world will be flashed all over the world for everyone to know.

you have to view all these news with a lot of detachment, because none of those things in the news are of any relevance to you in your life right now. so dont get anxious and worried and depressed about what is going on in the rest of the world. 


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