a grey day today

6 Jan

london 4.57pm 8C cloudy and dark now monday 2020

KODAK Digital Still Camera

this is the dish of rice on stewed soyasauce pork. the pork i made yesterday and just heated up, the rice i just now cooked quick with the rice cooker. i must have been hungry because i ate it very quickly and hardly felt full. it was delicious, but it has taken the edge off my hunger now so i wont get a second helping.

i was wandering around earlier in the foodcentre in victoria, and walking past the macdonalds, and kfc. i was looking for a plug outlet to charge my chromebook. while i was there, i thought i could of course use the newspaper voucher by macdonalds whcih i found in the free newspaper on the bus going there, that give me a big mac and chips/salad for £2. the thought crossed my  mind, simply because of yesterday’s offer of a free macmuffin, and before that a £1 big mac.

its one of those things where these publicity promotions  make you think of that food. that is how these promotions work. and i think most people will succumb to it. it does not seem to work on me, partly because i always remember how disappointing the last time i ate it, so salty.  every time i get tempted to buy one, i remember it and it puts me right off . and yet it is so appealing to be able to just go and buy one and eat it and enjoy it. ah well, nevermind, at least i dont experience that disappointed feeling. mind you, it was a long time ago since i ate a big mac. so perhaps they are better now, and not so salty. 


its a very grey day today. due to the clouds , they are grey like rain clouds though there is no rain. i guess it can make people depressed when everything looks so misty grey. 

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