7 Jan

london 7.28pm 13C night dry tuesday 2020

nothing happening, except watching tv detective series, the one i am seeing is father brown, and someone just got smothered to death by a pillow. with so many detective series going on in the tv, you would think the countryside is rife with murderers.

the other programs that are numerous here are about food. this one i am seeing now is about ginger grown in thailand.its basically a program about dieting. 

and clashing with this program is another about finances, about finding best deals for broadband, utilities etc. it seems average bill for gas and electricity is £1200 a year. mine is only £230 a year and that is only for electricity. i dont have or need gas supply. 

and on the other channel is one about what the fishermen lives are like in mevagissey, a seaside village in cornwall. ah well that is what we in uk are watching on our tvs.

i have allready done my finances , and fixed them, and am quite happy with the tariffs i got for my utilities, so dont need to bother with all those money saving ideas that he is suggesting. it can be a bit tiresome chasing all those cheap deals, it is for me anyway, and not worth chasing every last bargain. to me, once i am happy with the amount i pay , i put it out of my mind and forget about it. that way i get a lot of peace of mind, not worrying about it all. 

i suppose most people will be dealing with the debt they have incurred over the christmas. and having to cut down on spending this month. i thought there will be a lot more free food offers being promoted by businesses, but my diary is just empty of these offers. none to be had. though there is the one that is continueing from mcdonalds, a daily free offer, for 24days, but u need their app to get it. oh, there is one where u got to wear a crown, you can get a free meal, if u do, and it is on monday.  yesterday, supposed to be the 3 kings day. i dont have a crown, and so did not go. 



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