sun and rain

9 Jan

london 3.30pm 12C rain thursday 2020

KODAK Digital Still Camera

this was how the sky looked earlier in the morning. the tree surgeons have come and gone, and it looked like they are done for this year at least… trimming some trees but leaving others untrimmed. i wonder how they chose which ones to trim and which to leave alone. they wont be back for another 2 years i think.

earlier, i was out and about, and the sky was so blue. now i have come back home and it is raining. and quite heavily too. it is quite common to have this swift change in the weather, so that one must grab the good weather when it comes and not expect it to continue. it makes you expect that things dont last, and depanding on how you look at it, you can say it is a good thing, because it applies to bad things too, it too will pass.

or you could lament and ask why cant good things last. if u live in the tropical countries, you will realise that good weather lasting a long time is not that great. after all just look at australia now, all that hot sun, and what do u get? bush fires that last for ever it seems.what they wouldn’t give for a lot of rain right now.

it makes me see this rain we are having as a lovely sight and refreshing. 

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