ed sheeran giving me free veggie nuggets

12 Jan

london 4.29pm 9.6C dry cloudy sunday 2020

i went to this promotion today at shoreditch, near liverpool st , giving away veggie nuggets, by ed sheeran. when i was waiting in the queue, they interupted the proceedings to tell us that that man on the other side of the street and approaching us was someone famous, and i looked and recognised him as ed sheeran. he is a singer. interesting that he agreed to come here, it is a simple pop -up van cooking the food, hardly something that a famous person like ed would lend himself to do. but here he is , behind the counter giving out the food, haha. and he handed it to me. even i can recognise him, so he is famous indeed. not that i have heard his songs, so maybe others can tell me why he is famous. are his songs that good?

actually him being there slowed things down , because they began to restrict the numbers approaching the van, so that those others there can pose with him, so if anything his presence slowed down the speed of us getting the food. 

what about the food, you might ask, and i am surprised that it is very meat like, even to the look like meat. so quite a good similacrum of meat. if u have not told me it is veggie, i would be fooled into thinking it was meat. i could not find out what company is doing this. there was no name that i can see on the van to tell us who is behind all this. but i think they got a good contender for the veggie stake. 

from the sign , it must be made from soya beans, and wheat. 

maybe i can see him being featured in twitter, or instagram, and they might know what company is this making these nuggets.

on the way there i took a bus from liverpool st station, and it is a routemaster, and they ahve completely shut down the fare reader at the exits, so everyone have to board the bus at the front , near the driver.

i have read of this, that they are doing it to solve the fare evaders, who enter from the exit and dont log in. not all buses are doing this, this one i boarded was the number 8, but later when i boarded the bus 27 at paddington station, all the exit readers were working. but i guess eventually all will be one entrance boarding only. later i found out that they used the number 8 to trial the scheme. 

added 8.34pm, well, it seems that guy is a double. not the real ed sheeran. haha. he is very like the image of the real thing, that is why so many got fooled. quite a clever trick, like saying their vegan nugget is so much like the real thing you too would be fooled. haha. now i recall, they did not exactly say his name , just said it was someone famous, and we looked and thought we can  recognise him. many of us have never seen the real guy in person, so it is a easy mistake to make. its all quite funny of course. 

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