soft shell crab sandwich

13 Jan

london 1.32pm 9C cloudy monday 2020

this is the lovely soft shell crab sandwich given away free by gunpowder, an indian restaurant in their branch near tower bridge today. only 50 lunches given out to promote their grab and go bags. one of the three choices was this crab sandwich, the others were spinach paneer(cheese) and venison minced . i have never eaten a soft shelled crab, so this one is the obvious choice for me. it is really nice, mainly for the crunchy sensation, but strangely i dont get the taste of crab meat. unlike if i were to eat hard shelled crab. so maybe these crabs are so young, that they dont have built up much meat inside the body. they cost £9.50 usually, with the others  £1 less. the whole gang was there, waiting and being first in the queue, when i arrived, so i just joined them, instead of going to the end of the queue. it was very early, so i can do that. and we enjoy the wait by chatting to each other and exchange news of new offers or old ones. 

i read now that there are strong winds up north, so much so that it has a name,storm brandon, but here in london we did not get even a whiff of it. its very mild down south too. its been about 9C all day and all night.

and when i got back i see simon has cooked the chicken that i had frozen . he was clearing the freezer of the ice , and the chicken must have reminded him that he fancies a roast chicken. i shall eat it for dinner, as i am too full now with my crab sandwich.

people here are recovering from the excesses and debts of the new year and christmas, so just as well they are not chinese and dont need to celebrate the chinese new year (of the rat) that is coming soon.

we will have the usual celebration in trafalgar square and chinatown but that is a public affair, and no families need to spend money on it. i hear it is the biggest celebration of the chinese new year outside of the usual places like china or south east asia. san francisco might compete with it for that accolade. as a coincidence, that day 25th jan, is also the day when all routemaster buses makes all rear doors exit only.

i also read that bangbang oriental food centre in colindale are also doing an event on friday 24th jan. i remember it was well known for its malaysian food stalls, and was like the food halls we see in malaysia, so it was ahead of its time then, and more in keeping with the spirit of those street stalls, as their prices are much lower. todays new food halls, now popping up all over central london  try to mimic those in malaysia but are pricey.

but i have not been for ages to colindale because the old food hall closed,  and a new one rose instead.  i wonder if it is still so. maybe other countries cuisine are now included. colindale is in zone 4, and on the northern line, edgeware branch. it is quite a journey from central london. i wonder if i should visit it and see what it is like.

added. 7.33pm

this is a really funny thing, what if all animals are round? something to make me laugh .


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