will this snooker ever end on tv?

14 Jan

london 3.19pm 14C rain tuesday 2020

it looks like storm brandan has caught up with london and we are seeing it here. though if it is a storm it is well behaved, not much wind, and not much rain… though i expect it will get the worst part later in the day, at night when it is forecast to be stormier.

but life for me now is quite routine, pottering around in my flat, or pottering around in the local area, (and that means going to the local library. haha). simon has the pools snooker it is called, showing live on tv, so that keeps him busy… watching it. it does seem to go on and on… unfortunately i find it boring. but nothing else going on tv so it is not that i am missing anything whilst he is watching it.

i guess this period in the year is a doldrums period, where nothing is happening.

i suppose it is a good news break for the media, something for them to write about at this quiet time for news, that there is all that fuss about meghan and harry wanting to go their own way. i think people will realise it is a good thing for them, as being 6th in line to the throne, he will be having a very boring life if he continues as a senior royal. this chance to break free is a good one to take i think. it is a gamble to try to make their own way and make a living away from the royal circus, but it is better than the old merry go round of inane royal duties that will be their lot if they dont.

 i see on tv now in the snooker program people carrying trophies aloft, so it looks like the winner is chosen, and that means the tournament is over then. well, thank goodness if it means they will get rid of this snooker on tv, and show something else. i asked simon if it is over, he said no. so why are they showing all those guys holding the trophies aloft. what a stupid thing !!

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