cold spell

19 Jan

london 6pm 5C dark now dry, sunday 2020

9.30pm 2C dry

the cold spell they promised us seem to have hit us tonight. i only noticed it because i see it in the weather website. in my flat it is 21C. my downstairs neighbour’s central heating must be working overtime. i am rather grateful for it.

i saw a newspaper article saying we are going to have very high pressure, whether it gets as high as the record 1053 millibars pressure in  1902 remains to be seen.

the weather website which i use is currantly charting  the pressure is 1070. but it might be wrong. it is 1048, it seems.

interestingly they have warned that such high pressure can affect the tv signals, so that our tv reception may be disrupted. but it has not affected mine last time i have it on … at about 9pm.  not that i have the tv on all the time. like now, my tv is switched off, as there is nothing i find interesting on now.

i dont understand what the high air pressure has to do with the cold temperatures that we are getting… high pressure usually means cloudless skies and good weather, and i think cloudless skies means the temperature will plunge as the clouds are not there to provide the heat trapped near the earth. so that might explain it. it is foggy and cloudy up north in scotland and there they are getting temperatures above 5C. whereas here it is forecast to hit -2C early monday morning. though i bet we will actually only hit -1C if that.

i dont suppose there will be many people out and about tonight. business will be slow tonight. it is a dry night so at least people out and about dont have to contend with it being wet as well as cold.



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