20 Jan

london 3.09pm 8C sunny monday 2020

supposed to be blue monday today, but it has been a lovely enjoyable day because we got to go to a place giving us free chicken burger.

i only know of it today, because i sent a email to steve earlier this morning asking him what is the secret password for the offer of a free coffee from paul, the restaurant, to celebrate blue monday. he said it is ‘thanks a latte’, and then told me about this free chicken burger given by whyte and brown, strange name,   in covent gdn. it was a really great offer, esp since it is meat instead of vegan. so a high five for them. every other place is giving away vegan food , because of veganuary.

then we went to the nearest paul, to get our coffee. then some wanted to go to the south bank where magnum, the icecream people were putting up a pop up tent, to give free magnum icecream. it was very nice. ,

and then i split from them, as i wanted to go to chinatown to buy the reduced maggie mee, 20p , instant mee, reduced because it expires this month. i bought 5packs, £1. it is a long time since i ate maggie mee. ever since the ones in malaysia, where they are the go -to instant mee brand.

since i came to uk, i have not eaten them. it will be interesting to see if they are as nice as i remember them so long ago in malaysia. 

steve gave us each a free vermicelli noodle pack, he said he got them from a free recycling event in south london where they were giving away free food stuff. he knows we like it. this is because the rest of the gang are chinese or indians. 

added. 8pm, 3C, getting cold now outside. i have been looking at the freebie website and see that giraffe are giving away free coffee, if u bring your own cup. and a chain restaurant are giving away free vegan hamburgers in shoreditch at the same lunch time today as us eating that meat burger; but i prefer the chicken burger, or any meat burger actually, as opposed to veggie burger. like steve said no amount of jackfruit burger can take the place of real meat. all these freebies we are getting is due to capitalism, that businesses are able to make profits from their daily operations, to be able to give these promotions to advertise themselves and hope the publicity will bring in new business customers or retain the royalty of their regulars. 

added 9pm. i am seeing a simon reeves program  about his travels in the caribbean, and he was in guatemala, and interviewing the locals, who keep saying there are no jobs there and they are all looking for ways to make money. some are hoping that building a new canal to connect the two oceans will bring in a steady income and provide jobs for everyone. others say no locals have the skills to work there, and they will end up importing foreigners to do the work. they might not even get  unskilled work, as the locals dont have the mindset for that kind of work and they may have to import chinese labour. so it might be a pipedream to promise them that they will get lots of jobs if the canal is built. it will cost 3x the GDP of guatemala. so quite a huge debt burden to place on the country.

it will shorten the time to get from one ocean to another, like the suez canal, so if they can get it right, it should be a good source of income . but crime lords will have a say in it, and in the running of it… and one wonders if they can do it. there is also the corruption too. i think they may have to go to china to bankroll them and that means being subjected to chinese rule. china is at the moment looking at africa, and doing very well there. the caribbean dont have the mineral wealth that attracts the chinese like africa does. so it might not even get the chinese bankrolling them at all. 

looking at that program reminds me that we in the west live in prosperity because of capitalism, buying and selling which generate the jobs and cash to pay people to do them, and with people having money , they end up buying stuff, and food, and generally spread the money around for more businesses to set up catering for them, and so the merry go round of money goes round and round.

otherwise you get stagnant economies like guatemala and all those caribbean countries where the only business is crime , buying and selling cocaine or drugs being middle men as it were from importing it from growers to selling it by smuggling it into america or europe, the buyers.  if not for capitalism, i think we in europe will be like those countries too in the caribbean. 



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