i am omniverous when it comes to eating

21 Jan

london 10.53pm 2C dry tuesday 2020

its a quiet night tonight. the tv is not on, because there is nothing much on that interests me. just a vegan program about a campaign to bring vegan food to methr tydfyl,(i like to pronounce it like ‘murder tidfil’ ) (it is in wales) trying to persuade people there to pledge to go vegan. why not let people be both , be able to eat meat and eat veg, without all this proselytising. there is no need to be only meat eating, or only veggie eating, or vegan eating. we are omniverous, and can eat both so why not do that. right? but unfortunately vegans seem to be trying to make people feel guilty about eating meat. ah well, it is all guilt trip, like making people feel guilty about eating fatty foods, in the past. then it moved to making them feel guilty about eating sweet things.

tomorrow i shall be going to a free veggie burger offer. i dont mind if it is free. haha. i would eat sweet things too, if it is free, like tomorrow another place is giving out free doughnuts with icecream. i would eat that too. why not after all  i dont eat these things at all unless they are free, i wont buy them, but if someone is giving it away free, why not eat it? haha.


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